Libellula doris

Libellula doris
Libellula doris Libellula doris Close Up
Libellula doris
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Species Name: Libellula doris

Family: Insect

Age: Miocene

Location: Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Italy


Libellula doris insect fossil collected from Miocene deposits in Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Italy. Libellula doris are an extinct species of dragonfly although they are more commonly known as skimmers. This particular example exhibits numerous Libellula specimens preserved on a pale shale matrix. Only the bodies of each individual insect have been preserved; unfortunately the appendages and heads have been lost. Some of the bodies measure up to 1 cm in length and the matrix measures 5 x 4 cm in dimension. Supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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