Lobster and Crab Fecal Pellets

Lobster or Crab Fecal Pellets Fossils
Lobster and Crab Fecal Pellets
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• Geological Age: Eocene period, 56 to 33 millions years old
• Location: Bracklesham Beds, Lee on Solent, UK.
• Family: Crustaceans
• Species: Crab and lobster

Fecel pellet fossil specimens are trace fossils left behind which indicate an animal thrived in an area and in some cases, even exhibit the animals diet. These pellets are belong to crabs and lobsters which lived during the Eocene period, some 33 million years ago. The specimens are on a 3 to 5 cm matrix, suitable for higher education and collectors.


Fecal pellets belonging to either lobsters or crabs, although often looked at in disgust, usually by children or those with no interest in natural history and geology, biological material, even fossilised, allows palaeontologists and geologists to determine the fauna which previously lived in the environment. These particular fossil specimens come from the Bracklesham beds in Lee on Solent, UK, they are Eocene in age, dating back to between 56 - 33 million years old. Sizes of specimens vary between 1 to 2 inches and are supplied in a polythene bag with a information card.

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