Malachite Gemstone Bracelet

Malachite Gemstone Bracelet
Malachite Gemstone Bracelet
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Malachite gemstone bracelets, produced from this rare mineral, the chips have been tumbled and polished, resulting in a deep rich green colouration which will match excellently with dark or green outfits. The bracelets are elasticated to fit any size wrist.


Malachite gemstone bracelet, made from tumbled and polished pieces of deep rich, vibrant green pieces of the copper ore mineral, malachite. Used by ancient humans to obtain copper, this rare and well sought after mineral takes an excellent finish to it, which lead to it being used as a gemstone in many pieces of jewellery. The chips have been threaded onto an elastic string, allowing it to fit any size wrist, a mix of black and deep green, it will surely be an attractive piece and match dark or green outfits. An excellent gift or treat.

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