Mariposite Mounted on Base

Mariposite from Miroposa County in California
Mariposite Mounted on Base
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These specimens of Mariposite originate in Mariposa County, California USA. An ore of gold, this mineral is a chromium-rich variant of muscovite mica, giving it a distinct turquoise colour. Ideal for serious mineral collectors, they are mounted on a polystyrene base and put into a card tray with the details typed on. Suitable to collectors and enthusiasts, especially of those interested in American samples.


Mariposite, named after Mariposa County, California, USA, is a chromium-rich mineral variant of Muscovite, The chromium content produces a unique turquoise colour, which makes it stand out in any mineral collection. Mariposite was used as an indicator of placer gold during the California Gold Rush of the mid-19th Century - it's bright and particular coolour was a sure sign of gold nearby. Specimens are 20mm in length and are mounted on to polystyrene and inserted into card trays with details typed onto them, The unique aesthetic and historical significance of this mineral makes it ideal if you enjoy displaying your collection in some way.

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