Mimetite in Gem Box

Mimetite in Gem Box
Mimetite in Gem Box
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Mimetite is a lead-arsonate-chloride mineral, formed by the oxidation of galena. This specimen originates from Dry Gill, Cumbria, UK. Displaying a pearly lusture and botryoidal crustal habit, this specimen is ideal for collectors of all minerals.


Mimetite is a lead arsonate chloride mineral, forming as a bi-product of lead deposition and the oxidation of galena. Its name derives from the Greek, mimetes, meaning "imitator" and alludes to the stark resemblance to another mineral: pyromorphite. The botryoidal habitation of the crust makes for an attractive addition to any mineral collection. These specimens measure 20 mm in length and come supplied inside a gem box with accompanying display card printed inside.

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