Mimosites Coloradensis

Mimosites Coloradensis Fossil Plant
Mimosites Coloradensis
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  • Family: Plant
  • Species: Mimosites coloradensis
  • Geological Age: Eocene period, Green River formation, Parachute Creek member, 53 to 48 million years ago
  • Location: Colorado, USA.



Mimosites coloradensis is a species of flora, the fossils of which have been found in the famous Green River formation, particularly from the Parachute Creek member. The matrix is shale, which is an off white colour and contrast with the brown fossil leaves quite nicely. The fossil specimens are from the Eocene period, dating them to 53 to 48 million years old with the leaves themselves measuring approximately 2 cm in size while the matrix varies. Mimosites coloradensis belongs to the mimosa family which are herbs and shrubs, the leaves are often considered delicate, these specimens will come supplied in a packet with a label.

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