Mioplosus Fossil Fish
Mioplosus Fossil Fish Mioplosus Fossil Fish Skull Mioplosus Fossil Fish Exhibitnig Coprolite Matter
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Species Name: Mioplosus

Family: Fish

Age: Eocene, Green River Formation, 56 to 33 million years ago

Location: Wyoming, USA.


Mioplosus are an extinct species of fish, related to pike perches, these fish live during the Eocene period, making them between 56 to 33 million years old. High quality fossils of these fish also show a mouth full of small yet sharp, pointed teeth, indicating that they were active predators, some specimens have even been found with other fish still lodged within their mouths/throats upon death. As they are often found alone or in very very small groupss, it is theorised that they were solitary fish, likely only meeting during mating seasons. This particular fossil specimen was found in the famous Green river formation of Wyoming, USA, a place notorious for producing exceptional quality fossil specimens. This sample also exhibits fecal matter (coprolite) partially within and outside of the fish fossil, a common occurence upon death. As with many fossils from this area, it is on a fine siltstone matrix which measures 45 x 25 cm in size, the fossil fish its self measures 32 cm in length and will make an excellent addition to serious fossil collections or for those who want that unique item on display in their homes or office which will likely be a talking point.

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