Odontochile Rugosa - Tail

Odontochile Rugosa Fossil Trilobite Tail
Odontochile Rugosa - Tail
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  • Family: Trilobite
  • Species: Odontochile rugosa
  • Geological Age: Devonian period, Pragian age, 414 to 391 million years ago
  • Location: Praha, Czech Republic.



Odontochile rugosa is a trilobite species which belongs to the dalmanitidae family, a family which also encompasses species such as phacops. They lived during the Devonian period, from 414 to 391 million years ago. It is presumed that they were fast moving fauna which were low in the food chain and tended to feed on dead organic material. This particular specimen exhibits two pygidiums (tail segments) of odontochile rugosa, which were found in the Dvorce - Prokop limestone in Praha, Czech Republic, it measures 7 x 6 cm in size and comes supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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