Orange Gypsum Satin Spar - Kilo Bag

Orange Gypsum Satin Spar - Kilo Bag
Orange Gypsum Satin Spar - Kilo Bag
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Oragne gypsum, particularly, the variety, satin spar, due to it's fibrous needle like crystals, available by weight in lots of 1 kilogram bags, supplied in a polythene bag with a label, the gypsum exhibits an orange hue due to the presence of hematite. An excellent source of a quantity of minerals for effective costs, suotable for educational use, kits or more, the pack also comes with a data label.


Satin spar is a variety of gypsum which is well known by many, it has a pearly white colouration, a fibrous crystal habit and a silky lustre. As expected, it is an evaporite mineral and has been found on all continents of the world. It forms when fluids which contain the mineral (diluted) evaporate leaving the mineral behind to grow and can be found in salt flats, lakes, evaporated seas, caves and more. It is a common mineral and highly sought after for mineral collectors, educational bodies and in industry where it's main use is in the manufacture of plaster of Paris. A soft mineral, our samples come from Morocco, these samples are of good quality and exhibit the orange colour well, they are of various sizes between 2 cm to 4 cm and oftun cubic, they come supplied in a polythene bag upto a weight of 1 kilogram along with an information card.

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