Palaeozoic Fossil Set

Palaeozoic Fossil Set Specimens
Palaeozoic Fossil Set Specimens Palaeozoic Fossil Set Palaeozoic Fossil Set with Lid
Palaeozoic Fossil Set
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10-piece fossil set depicting the ecology of the Palaeozic era (541 M.a. - 252 M.a.). Specimens include a variety of fauna. These sets are re-vamped from antique collections of fossils and come provided in a high quality box with information labels.


The Palaeozoic era (541 M.a. - 252 M.a.) was the earliest of the 3 eras of the Phanerozoic eon. It was characterized by the raid evolution of lifeforms from the Cambrian explosion up until the great Permain-Triassic mass extinction event, which killed off approximately 95% of life on Earth. The fauna in this era was diverse and ranged from simple amevas to triolobites and giant insects during the carboniferous and permian. This 10-piece fossil set highlights some of the other dominant fauna of the Palaeozoic, include a variety of fossils which encompass land, air and water. The specimens were salvaged from ageing antique sets, and have been rejuvenated in a high quality display box (only available in black), but have all retained their original information cards, displaying the genus, species, age and location of discovery.

Sets include:


- Graptolite - Trilobite - Coral - Ostracod - Fish Semen - Spirifer - plant - productus - goniatite - Bryozoan

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