Peacock Ore - Mexico

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Peacock Ore - Mexico
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Peacock ore mineral specimens from Mexico, a striking variation of Bornite, it exhibits a rich blue colouration with occurrences of purple, copper, red and yellow. Very dense as expected, we supply this mineral specimen in 2" x 2" sizes, each sample comes supplied in card tray with a data label.


Peacock ore is the name given to a vibrantly coloured variation of bornite, a copper sulphate mineral which is easily recognisable due to it's blue colouration, metallic lustre and irredesence when looked at under certain lighting conditions. Bornite was name in 1845 for Austrian mineralogist Ignaz von Born and while regular bornite is usually mostly blue with a dull metallic lustre, under certain conditions it can develop a much more striking, vibrant blue colour with occurrences of yellow, red, copper and purple mixed in. This striking variation is referred to as peacock ore, due to the colouration. Like bornite, it is a copper mineral and extremely dense. These particular mineral samples we have available are from Mexico and exhibit all the previous points excellently. Available in one size only, each specimen will come supplied in a 2" x 2" card tray with an information label.

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