Phacops fecundus fecundus Tails And Head

Phacops Fecundus Fecundus Trilobite Tails And Head Fossil
Phacops fecundus fecundus Tails And Head
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  • Family: Trilobite
  • Species: Phacops fecundus fecundus
  • Geological Age: Kopanine formation, Silurian, 443 to 419 million years ago
  • Location: Kolednik, Near Beroun, Czech Republic.



Phacops fecundus fecundus is trilobite species which is found in Czech Republic, the species it's self is quite rare and often found as fragments of the heads or tails only, such as this piece, which exhibits numerous tail remains of the trilobite and part of a head shield of one. The fossils are found in the Kopanine formation of limestone, dated to the Silurian period making them between 443 to 419 million years old the specimen measures 10 x 5 cm in size and comes supplied in a card tray with an information label, an excellent fossil specimen to add to a serious collection.

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