Phacops Rana Milleri

Phacops Rana Milleri Trilobite Fossil - Ohio, USA - Front
Phacops Rana Milleri Trilobite Fossil - Ohio, USA - Front Phacops Rana Milleri Trilobite Fossil - Ohio, USA - Back Phacops Rana Milleri Trilobite Fossil - Ohio, USA - Underside
Phacops Rana Milleri
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Family: Trilobite.

Species: Phacops rana milleri

Geological Age: Silica shale formation, Devonian, 419 to 350 million years ago.

Location: State of Ohio, USA.


Phacops rana milleri fossil trilobite specimen from Ohio, a well sought after specimen, especially high quality ones such as this piece. Phacops are a genus of trilobite which encompass many sub species, they are characterised by their large glabellas (larger than most other trilobites) excellent compound eyes and for the fact that they are often found enrolled. This particular specimen is excellent in terms of quality, it has been professionally prepped and cleaned to the point where even the most minute of morphological details can be seen without the aid of magnification. It is composed of the whole fauna, the eyes are present and the compound lenses are easily visible, the texture of the glabella, the body segments and tail segments are all visible. The specimen, like many phacops, is enrolled, it is from the Silica shales formation, a formation rich in fossils, which are exceptionally preserved. The silica shale was deposited during the Devonian period and is located in Sylvania, Ohio, USA. With very little matrix (bar a small amount underneath) it measures 32 x 33 mm in size and is an off brown colour, the specimen will come supplied in a card tray with a label, a fantastic fossil specimen, ideal for serious collectors looking for that piece that will stand out.

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