Pleurotomaria anglica

Pleurotomaria anglica
Pleurotomaria anglica
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Species Name: Pleurotomaria anglica

Family: Gastropod

Age: Jurassic, Lower Lias, Ibex Zone

Location: Near Moreton, Gloucestershire


Pleurotomaria anglica gastropod mollusc collected from Jurassic Lower Lias deposits near Moreton in Gloucestershire. Pleurotomaria is an extinct genus of gastropod which belongs to the family Pleurotomariidae; one of the oldest families of gastropod, first appearing in the Cambrian. Modern species live in deep waters, 2000 - 3000 m depth on the sea floor feeding on sponges and octocorals; information like this helps us establish the mode of life for these ancient fossil examples. These specimens measure approximately 3 cm in shell diameter. They exhibit the characteristic trochoidal shape and are in good condition. Supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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