Polinices hemiclauses

Polinices Hemiclauses
Polinices hemiclauses
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Species Name: Polinices hemiclauses

Family: Gastropod

Age: Pleistocene, Red Crag, 2.5 million to 11,700 years old.

Location: Walton on Naze, Essex


Polinices hemiclauses gastropod mollusc collected from the Pleistocene Red Crag Formation of Walton on Naze, Essex. Polinices are commonly known as moon snails and they have been around since the Paleocene, approximately 61 Mya. Their shells are rather globular in shape and they're in relatively good condition. All of our specimens exhibit shell borings i.e. small holes in the shell which were drilled by predatory organisms such as other sea snails as a means to consume their prey. Polinices itself is actually a genus of predatory sea snail which consumes its prey in this same manner using their tooth bearing tongue, the 'radula'. These specimens measure 1 cm and are supplied in small plastic bags with an information label.

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