Pomadasyidarum kokeni - Otolith

Pomadasyidarum kokeni - Otolith
Pomadasyidarum kokeni - Otolith
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Species Name: Pomadasyidarum kokeni Otolith

Family: Fish

Age: Eocene, Bracklesham Beds, 55 to 33 Mya.

Location: Bracklesham Bay, Sussex


Pomadasyidarum kokeni fish Otolith collected from the Eocene Bracklesham Beds of Bracklesham Bay in Sussex. Otoliths are calcium carbonate structures which lie just behind the brain of fishes. They are commonly referred to as 'earstones' and aid with balance and orientation. Otoliths are actually comprised of growth rings so can be used to help infer the age and growth rate of the fish. This Otolith measures approximately 6 mm in length and is supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label. The Bracklesham beds were laid down on a shallow marine shelf, they have yielded fossils of over 160 different species of fish including Pomadasyidarum kokeni and the beds continue to be productive today despite having been pillaged by collectors for over 100 years.

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