Priacanthus sp. - Fin Spine (partial)

Priacanthus sp. fin spine
Priacanthus sp. - Fin Spine (partial)
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Species Name: Priacanthus sp.

Family: Fish

Age: Eocene, Barton Beds, 55 to 33 Mya.

Location: Barton, Hampshire


Partial fin spine of Priacanthus sp. collected from the exposed and eroded Eocene coastal beds of Hampshire. Priacanthus is a genus of marine fish still alive today. These fin spines measure approximately 10 mm and are supplied in small plastic bags with an information label. To be more specific, the spines were collected from the Barton Beds of Barton. The beds were laid down during the upper Eocene epoch when a warm inland sea covered the coastal areas of Hampshire. The sediments are highly fossiliferous and continue to be productive today despite having been pillaged by collectors for over 100 years.

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