Pristis sp. (Sawfish) - Rostral tooth

Pristis sp. (Sawfish) - Rostral tooth
Pristis sp. (Sawfish) - Rostral tooth
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Species Name: Pristis sp. (Rostral tooth)

Family: Fish

Age: Miocene, Bone Valley Formation

Location: Polk County, Florida, USA


Pristis sp. (Rostral tooth) collected from the Miocene Bone Valley Formation in Polk County, Florida, USA. Pristis is a genus of Sawfish of the family Pristae. Sawfish are characterised by having a long extended nose or rostrum which resembles a saw. The rostrum is lined with peg like rostral teeth and it is generally accepted that the rostrum is used to strike prey items rendering them incapacitated. These peg like teeth measure approximately 20 - 30 mm and are supplied in small plastic bags with an information label. The bone valley formation in which teeth were found is a shallow marine deposit situated in Florida USA, it is very popular among geologists, not only for the fossils which it yields but also its economical phosphorite deposits.

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