Pseudomegalaspis patagiata

Pseudomegalaspis patagiata Trilobite Fossil - Sweden
Pseudomegalaspis patagiata
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Family: Trilobite

Species: Pseudomegalaspis patagiata

Geological Age; Llanvirn Series in Ordovician period, 488 to 443 million years ago.

Location: Kinnekulle Quarry, Hallekis, Vastergotland, Sweden.


Pseudomegalaspis patagiata is a rare trilobite which is found in Scandanavia Europe, in the case of this fossil specimen, it was found in Sweden. The specimen its self, a rare pseudomegalaspis patagiata species of trilobite details a complete specimen, though damage is present, mainly cracks and foliation, which is expected of such specimens. However, that said, morphological details can still be easily seen on the fossil, even without the aid of magnification, such as thorax segments, one of the eyes, tail, head shield. It measures 60 mm x 35 mm in size and is on a matrix, it has been professionally prepped and cleaned, ensuring a striking specimen. Originally collected from Kinnekulle Quarry, Hallekis, Vastergotland, Sweden, the site has been closed to fossil collectors for many years now. Dated from the from the Llanvirn Series in Ordovician period, the fossil is between 488 to 443 million years old. An excellent fossil trilobite specimen, especially for serious collectors, supplied in a card tray with a label.

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