Pyrite on Hematite - Austria

Pyrite on Hematite from Austria
Pyrite on Hematite from Austria Pyrite on Hematite from Austria Pyrite on Hematite from Austria Close up of label
Pyrite on Hematite - Austria
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Pyrite crystals on a specular hematite matrix, most of this specimen is a silver colour, exhibitng a metallic lustre, with 2 large brassy coloured pyrite crystals on one side, measuring 100 mm in length, this sample from Austria is perfect for serious mineral collectors.


Well-formed do-decahedral pyrite crystals, measuring approximately 22 mm in diameter atop a hematite matrix. Pyrite is golden in colour and protrudes from the metallic lustred haematite to one side. This exquisite specimen was found in Austria and was once a part of an antique collection, and would make the perfect addition to another, particularly those with a taste for minerals that sparkle. This particular piece measures 100 x 60 mm in size, the moajority of it being the hematite matrix. It will make a fine addition to collecitons of those of you after the more unique pieces, especially of samples from around Europe. Originally from a former collection, the sample still exhibits the initial label which was affixed to it many decades ago.

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