Quartz Crystals in Blister Pack

Quartz Crystals in Blister Pack
Quartz Crystals in Blister Pack
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Quartz crystals with excellent clarity and crystal shape supplied in a blister pack, the crystals are well sized and come with a x 4 magnifier lens and an information card. The pack can be easily sealed and re-opened, a common minerals found all around the world in a variety of colours, the pieces supplies are clear and will make a great gift or treat for any children who maybe be showing signs of interest in the earth sciences.


Quartz is the most common and probably the most well known mineral to many, whether you have an interest in minerals or not. It is found in a wide range of rocks and ore deposits, it's hardness and the fact that it can pass an electrical charge have resulted in this mineral having major industrial uses for humans and technology, it is used in watches, televisions, radios, abrasives and much more. It can form in a wide array of colours a well, with shades being given their own names, such as pink being called rose quartz, yellow, citrine or green and blue, agate. These blister pack are easy to seal and re-open and come with 2 quartz crystals which show excellent form and have pointed tips, also included are a x 4 magnifier lens and a small information card. An ideal gift for children from ages 6 and up who are showing signs of an interest in minerals and geology.

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