Quartz Geode - Kilo Bag

Quartz Geode - Kilo Bag
Quartz Geode - Kilo Bag
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1 kilo of quartz geode fragments from the Sahara desert, Morocco. The specimens are random single pieces of split geodes lined with the mineral quartz, giving off a sparkling white colour. Ideal for schools, educational and teaching use, specimens supplied are a range of sizes and come in a strong polythene bag by kilo weight along with a data card.


Natural quartz geodes or nodules found in the Sahara desert, Morocco. These particular samples are the fragments of quartz lined geodes, which form as pockets of air in magma, the temperatures difference within the pocket of air and the magma outside causes a slower rate of cooling, therefor, any minerals which being to crytsalise inside the pocket tend to by larger than outside it. These pieces of geodes were collected form Morocco, they come supplied in lots of 1 kilogram in a polythene bag with a label, the sizes of the pieces will vary between 20 mm to 60 mm and will also contain an information card. Care is advised when handling.

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