Rhizodus sp - Tooth

Rhizodus sp - Tooth
Rhizodus sp - Tooth
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Species Name: Rhizodus sp - Tooth

Family: Fish

Age: Carboniferous, coal measures, approximately 307 to 315 miliion years ago.

Location: Newsham County, Durham


Rhizodus tooth collected within the coal measures of Newsham County, Durham, UK. Rhizodus was a ginormous lobe finned fish, it grew up to 7 m and weighed 4 tonnes, it would have been one of the largest fish that exploited carboniferous waters. It lived in many fresh water environments, lakes, rivers and swamps feeding on amphibians, fish and other sizable prey items. Fossil teeth of this fresh water lobe finned fish have been up to 22 cm long however the teeth which we have available are approximately 1 cm long. Nevertheless these teeth are still certainly a talking point knowing that they belonged to a giant carboniferous apex predator. Each specimen is sold individually and is supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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