Rhynchonellid Zygospira

Rhynchonellid Zygospira Brachiopod Fossils
Rhynchonellid Zygospira
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  • Family: Brachiopod
  • Species: Rhynchonellid zygospira
  • Geological Age: Ordovician period, 488 - 443 million years ago.
  • Location: UK.



Rhynchonellid zygospira are a species of brachiopod which lived during the Ordovician period some 488 to 443 million years ago. Rhynchonellid are one of the main groups of articulate brachiopods, which are species who's shells are well shaped with matching teeth and sockets. This particular species are quite small, although a little dusty, a quick clean will reveal morphological details such as the shell shape, teeth and ribbing, they comes supplied in lots of 5 fossil specimens and come in a packet with an information label, each shell measures approximately 3 to 5 mm in size and are found in the UK.

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