Athyris Concentricus

Athyris Concentricus Brachiopod Fossil
Athyris Concentricus
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  • Family: Brachiopod
  • Species: Athyris concentricus.
  • Geological Age: Devonian period, 419 – 358 million years ago
  • Location: Bildstock, Germany.



Athyris concentricus is an extinct species of brachiopod with fossils being found in Devonian period strata, putting these specimens age between 419 – 358 million years old. They are a fairly small brachiopod specimen, measuring only 5 to 10 mm in size, due to this small size, only the shape can really be made out, with other morphological features such as shell structure and ribbing being too small or eroded to view. These specimens come from Bildstock in Germany and come supplied in a packet with an information label.

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