Pugnoides Ottumwa

Pugnoides Ottumwa
Pugnoides Ottumwa
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  • Family: Brachiopod
  • Species: Pugnoides ottumwa
  • Geological Age: Carboniferous period, Mississippian, 358 to 323 million years ago
  • Location: Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA.



Pugnoides ottumwa are an extinct species of brachiopod known for their very small size, these particular fossil specimens are from the Mississippian sub division and part of the Carboniferous period, meaning they are 358 to 323 million years old and were found in Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA. The shells while small, have clear morphological details present, as such, these specimens are known due to the deep ridges or grooves on the surface of their shells. Sizes are approximately 5 mm in size and come supplied in a packet with an information label.

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