Echinolampas Echinolampas Echinolampas
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• Geological Age: Miocene period, 22 to 5 million years ago.
• Location: Moulay Brahim, High Atlas, Morocco
• Family: Echinoderm
• Species: Echinolampas

Echinilampas fossil echinoid specimens with a pale brown colouration found in Moulay Brahim in Morocco, these samples date back to the Miocene period, making them only 22 to 5 million years old. They are around 3 cm in diameter and suitable for both collectors, both young and old as well as educational use. Supplied in a card tray with a label.


Echinolampas are an extinct species of echinoid, the fossils of which are found in North Africa. They are commonly known as 'sea biscuits' due to their pale, brown biscuit colouration, size and relatively shallow (flat) profile. These particular samples were collected from Moulay Brahim in the High Atlas region of Morroc, they measure approximately 30 mm in size, though some are larger and weigh around 20 grams. They are excellent for both educaitonal use and collectors due to the well preserved morphological details exhibited on them which can easily be seen, such as the petal ambulacra. The samples are excellent and will come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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