Rose Quartz Triple Gemstone Tea Light

Rose Quartz Triple Gemstone Tea Light
Rose Quartz Triple Gemstone Tea Light
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Rose quartz gemstone triple hole tea light made from natural pink coloured variation of the quartz mineral, this tea light is natural on the edges with a polished smooth top with 3 holes to place candles within. Creating a warm and loving glow. An excellent gift for a loved one, it measures around 18 cm in size.


A lovely, warming gemstone tea light carved from the beautiful pink coloured variation of quartz, known as rose quartz. The colour is due to iron being present at the time the mineral was forming, resulting in massive pink coloured chunks of this mineral, which was mined in South Africa. It has been cut into a roughly 3 cm thick slab and has had 3 holes drilled into the surface in which small size tea light candles can be placed into them. The result is a beautiful bright glow in which ever room it is placed, whether it's by the fire place, on a kitchen table or a bedside cabinet. Whilst the sides are natural and rough, the top surface has had a high quality polished applied, making it smooth to the touch and enhances the already vibrant colour more. The base is completely flat, allowing it to be place on any flat surface with ease and has a felt lining, preventing any scratching or damage to the surface you place it on. Roughly measuring 18 cm in length, it will certainly make a great treat for your self or an even greater gift to tell some one that you love them.

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