Satin Spar Tumblestones

Satin Spar Medium Tumblestones
Satin Spar Tumblestones
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Sating spar tumblestones, also known as gypsum or selenite is a mineral which takes a very high polished, these pieces have been tumbled, giving them a brighter colour and smooth feel, supplied as single pieces or in certain quantities.


Satin Spar is a variation of the mineral selenite, it is more commonly known as gypsum, with the name satin spar being used, because of the minerals fiberous habit, which when under certain angles of light, looks like a satin sheet. These pieces of satin spar have been tumbled and polished, giving them a smooth feel and more brighter appearance. The tumblestones are available as single pieces or in set amounts of 5, 10 or 25 pieces. Supplied in a small polythene bag they are great for little gifts for friends, family and children.

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