Septarian Egg

Septarian Gemstone Egg
Septarian Egg
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Septarian gemstone eggs from Madagascar, carved and polished, highlighting their unique, spectacular variation of colours, patterns and lustres which this gemstone exhibits, making an excellent, head turning gift for anyone. They are 6 x 5 cm in size and come supplied with a free plastic egg stand for display.


Septarian gemstone eggs are immensely popular among many people, mostly due to the fact they look so alien and out of this world. The nodules form when a rock weathers and cracks, with the cracks later becoming infilled with material after, however, even to this day, scientists are still not one hundred percent certain how these nodules form with many hypotheses being put forward. Putting the science aside, this spectacular mineral actually looks fairly dull and boring when found naturally and rough, however, once exposed and polished, these completely change, exhibiting a vibrant contract of colours, lustres and patterns. Each egg is 6 cm high and roughly 5 cm wide and come supplied with a free plastic egg stand display it on.

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