Sphyraena sp. - Tooth

Sphyraena sp
Sphyraena sp. - Tooth
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Species Name: Sphyraena sp.

Family: Fish

Age: Cenomanian, Cretaceous, approximately 93 to 100 million years old

Location: Wilmington, Devon, UK


Singular tooth of a Sphyraena ray finned fish found in Wilmington, Devon, UK. These teeth are of Cenomanian age, Cretaceous period, that's approximately 93 to 100 million years old. Sphyraena are a genus of ray finned fish, modern day examples such as Sphyraena barracuda can grow up to 100 cm in length. They have elongate bodies with powerful jaws containing sharp, fang-like teeth ideal for penetrating the hard shells of cephalopods and gripping onto slippery fish. Each tooth is sold individually and they are approximately 1 cm in length but naturally this may vary slightly. Each specimen is supplied with an information label.

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