Streak Plates - Black

Streak Plates - Black
Streak Plates - Black Streak Plates - Black - 2 Streak Plates - Black - 3
Streak Plates - Black
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Streak plates in a black colour made form porcelain, tough and ideal for performing streak tests, to asses minerals or mineral content of a rock sample, each plate is 45 x 45 mm in size and has a fine texture surface. Excellent for field geologists and earth science students.


A black coloured streak plate made form porcelain, they are used by field geologists and students as a means of performing streak tests on minerals. This test simply involves one, scratching the surface of the tile with a particular rock or mineral, the coloured streak left behind then assists the user in determining the mineral, or minerals within a rock sample. (See below a list of some common minerals and their streak colours). The tiles are made from porcelain, a strong, tough material and also has a matt finish and a very slight, fine textured surface. They are black in colour, thus making them more suitable for minerals which leave a pale or light coloured streak, which owuld not show up or be difficult to obsere on a white streak plate. Each plate measures 45 x 45 mm each and come supplied single with discounts available on quantities.

Common minerals and their streaks

  • Baryte - White
  • Calcite - White
  • Chalcopyrite - Dark Green/Black
  • Galena - Grey
  • Garnet - Lead Grey
  • Gypsum - White
  • Hematite - Dull Red
  • Pyrite - Green/Black



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