Streak Plates - White

Streak Plates - White
Streak Plates - White Streak Plates - White - 2 Streak Plates - White - 3
Streak Plates - White
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Streak plates in an off white colour made from porcelain, tough and ideal for performing streak tests, to asses minerals or mineral content of a rock sample, each plate is 45 x 45 mm in size and has a fine texture surface. Excellent for field geologists and earth science students.


An off white coloured streak plate made form porcelain, they are used by field geologists and students as a means of performing streak tests on minerals. This test simply involves one, scratching the surface of the tile with a particular rock or mineral, the coloured streak left behind then assists the user in determining the mineral, or minerals within a rock sample. (See below a list of some common minerals and their streak colours). The tiles are made from porcelain, a strong, tough material and also has a matt finish and a very slight, fine textured surface. The white coloured streak plates are ideal when observing dark coloured minerals, ones which streak may not show up or otherwise be too difficult to observe on a black streak plate. Each plate measures 45 x 45 mm each and come supplied single with discounts available on quantities.

Common minerals and their streaks

  • Baryte - White
  • Calcite - White
  • Chalcopyrite - Dark Green/Black
  • Galena - Grey
  • Garnet - Lead Grey
  • Gypsum - White
  • Hematite - Dull Red
  • Pyrite - Green/Black



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