Sulphur Mounted on Based

Sulphur from Baja Mounted on a Base
Sulphur Mounted on Based
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Sulphur mineral specimens from the famous Baja locality in California, USA. Pearly lustre crystal beds on a massive matrix, these mineral specimens vary between 20 to 30 mm in size and have a vibrant yellow colouration. Ideal for serious mineral collectors, they are mounted on a polystyrene base and put into a card tray with the details typed on. Suitable to collectors and enthusiasts, especially of those interested in American samples.


Sulphur is a well known mineral which is often found in numerous shades of yellow with various lustres from pearly to dull. However, it is most well known to many for its pungent odour. Sulphur forms due to natural hydro-thermal activity, as such, it is often found around hot springs or volcanic areas, historically being called 'brimstone'. It can form as massive beds or crystals but will often always be some shade of yellow. These samples exhibit crystal masses on a massive matrix, they exhibit a pearly lustre and come from Baja, California, USA and are ideal for more serious collectors, they are mounted on to polystyrene and inserted into card trays with details typed onto them, ideal more if you enjoy displaying your collection in some way.

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