Trigonostoma behmi (Beyrich)

Trigonostoma behmi
Trigonostoma behmi (Beyrich)
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Species Name: Trigonostoma behmi

Family: Gastropod

Age: Miocene, Burdigalian, 20 to 15 Mya.

Location: Miste, Gelderland, Holland


Trigonostoma behmi (Beyrich) gastropod mollusc collected from Miste in Gelderland, Holland. Trigonostoma is a genus of marine gastropod mollusc belonging to the family Cancellariidae i.e. the nutmeg snails. This specimen is in very good condition; it exhibits a turbinate shell with fine striations. It is a very pretty gastropod and measures 13 mm in length; supplied in a small plastic bag. It would make a wonderful addition to any collection.

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