Trinucleus fimbriatus Cephalon

Trinucleus fimbriatus Cephalon
Trinucleus fimbriatus Cephalon
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Class: Trilobita (Trilobites)
Genus: Trinucleus
Species: fimbriatus

Age: Middle Ordivician (443 - 485 Ma)
Location: Bulith, Wales, UK


Partial Trinucleus fimbratus trilobite fossil, mid Ordovician in age, approx 465 million years old, found in Builth Wells, Wales. Only the cephalopod (head) of the trilobite is preserved but small pits around the head can be clearly seen, these are thought to have be used to detect movement and prey in dark, deep waters where eyes would have been useless. The specimens come in various sizes and are well preserved within a shale matrix and is supplied in small plastic bag with an information label.

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