Ulexite - California

Ulexite from Kern County in California
Ulexite - California
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Ulexite mineral specimens found in Kern County, California, USA, and excellent sample from North America in its natural form, exhibiting a white, fibrous crystal habit, these pieces are 25 mm in length, rough and natural and are ideal for serious mineral collectors, particularly those with an interest in American pieces.


Ulexite is an evaporite mineral which forms due to the evaporation of water leaving behind minerals in a certain location, similar to gypsum. Named after the German chemist Georg Ludwig Ulex (1811–1883) who first discovered the mineral, it forms with a silky white fibrous crystal habit which has the ability to transmit light along the longest axis.This gives ulexite the unique ability to transmit images through its self when viewed from above its longest axis, giving the appearance that what ever text or image you hold the specimen over, is contained within the mineral, similar to old CRT televisions. This ability makes the mineral attractive to young children as it gives then something more than to just look at, but to investigate its properties, hence its nickname of 'tv rock'. These particular specimens are of the mineral in its natural and uncut or polished form, the fibrous crystal habit is easily visible and makes the pieces quite fragile when handled, hey come from Kern County, California, USA, each piece is approximately 25 mm in size and comes supplied in a card tray with the text typed on the back.

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