Undetermined Crab - Kent

Undetermined Crab from Kent of Cretaceous age
Undetermined Crab - Kent
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Species Name: Undetermined Crab - Kent

Family: Crab

Age: Lower Cretaceous, mid to upper Albian - approximately 105 to 108 million years old

Location: Gault Clay Beds, Folkestone, Kent


An undetermined crab species of lower Cretaceous age - mid to upper Albian, collected from the Gault Clay beds of Folkestone, Kent, UK. During mid to late Albian times, progressively rising sea levels resulted in the deposition of fine sediments in Kent which were transported further from land. An abundance of thin shelled benthonic fauna such as this particular undetermined crab species is indicative of this calm, quiescent environment. The crab is 2.2 cm wide is supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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