Wyomingensis Sycamore Leaf - Partial

Wyomingensis Sycamore Fossil Leaf - Partial
Wyomingensis Sycamore Leaf - Partial
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  • Family: Plant
  • Species: Wyomingensis Sycamore
  • Geological Age: Eocene period, Green River formation, Parachute Creek member, 53 to 48 million years ago
  • Location: Colorado, USA.



Wyomingensis is one of many species of fossilised sycamore species found within the shale of the famous Green River formation. Particularly from the Parachute Creek member, which was deposited during the Eocene period, making the fossils 53 to 48 million years old. The member is located in the state of Colorado, USA, an area famous for many flora fossils. This particular specimen depicts the partial remains of a wyomingensis sycamore leaf, as the tips of part of the leaf are missing. It is within a shale matrix, the leaf it's self measures 9 x 5.5 cm while the matrix it is within is 12 x 10 x 1.5 cm, supplies with an information label, this specimen features excellent morphological details, leaf stems etc and contrasts quite calmly with the matrix. This is a display fossil, so the specimen you receive is the same as in the images displayed.

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