What We Offer

At Northern Geological Supplies Ltd, we endeavour to supply a core range of earth sciences related items. This spans from a substantial amount of rocks, minerals and fossil specimens particularly aimed at the educational sector along side a selected variety of pieces for collectors, hobbyists, children, museums and more. These items sit alongside a selection of field and laboratory tools and equipment mainly aimed at earth scientists in various sectors, though those in other fields which overlap are also welcome. Aside from these products, we also supply an array of mineral exploration tools and equipment, particularly aimed at the geological consultation and mining sectors.

Geological Samples

We have accrued over 30 years experience in sourcing a wide variety of geological samples from around the world. These include rocks, minerals, crystal and fossils. The samples are often obtained from working quarries, direct from sources whom we supply equipment to or in some cases even collected by our own staff or off site consultants. Often in large blocks, sometimes in excess of 50 kilos. The samples are brought to our warehouse where they are pressure washed, selected and processed. Being broken down by our team by hand and hammer into selected sizes which you can then purchase from our selves. 

Each sized specimen we sell comes supplied in a card tray with a printed label which details the name of the sample, age if applicable and locality.

Field and Lab

We also supply a variety of earth science aimed, field tools and equipment, which include, but not limited to: geological hammers, compass clinometers, hand lenses, field notebooks, mapping equipment, sediment sieves as well as a selected range of laboratory equipment such as microscopes, sieve shakers, samples bags, PPE and more.

These items are suitable for all of those who undertake any tasks which are related to earth sciences from amateurs to students to professionals. With price ranges to fit. It should also be noted, that many fields of study also overlap, as such, we have found that those from other backgrounds such as archaeology, crime scene investigation, ecology, road and construction surveys, etc can all benefit from the products we offer.

Mineral Exploration Sector

In the past decade, we have also expanded our area served into the mining sector, particularly mineral exploration. With a spacious warehouse to hold quantities of stock, we can offer a range of products to assist geological consultancies, operating mines and quarries and early stage ore exploration. Items which we particularly specialise in, include core trays in the 4 main bore sizes, rock chip trays, a full range of sampling bags (polythene, calico, protexo, tyvek®, kraft and sentry) in a variety of sizes, sample ticket books which can be customised at no extra cost and more. However, we also have the ability to supply specialist heavy duty gear where needed including bench and core saws, jaw crushers, sample splitters as well as a range of core storage and management systems.

Educational Sector

The company was founded by Director, Barry Roberts, previously a science teacher. One of Barry’s main objectives when he set out his plan for the company was the supply of quality earth science material at an affordable price to schools, local councils and government bodies. An objective he easily attained thanks to his geological and teaching background and outdoors nature, meaning no matter the weather, he would collect, process and supply what ever the client required. Although we supply a large range of rocks, minerals and fossil specimens as standard on our website, we at Northern Geological Supplies Ltd are happy to discuss more custom requirements for those in the education sector as well as provide assistance where necessary, whether it is primary, secondary or higher level education. This can be in the form of custom sets of samples, custom sized specimens, bulk quantities and more.

Our Capabilities

Our years of experience, varied skill set, knowledgeable team and drive allows us to supply a varied client base. We can supply those of you who are private collectors and hobbyists to those in moderate sized sectors such as schools, universities, consultancies and museums. To large sectors such as mining, quarrying, land remediation etc. From small packets to large pallets.

Due to our central location in the UK, we have excellent road, rail, air and sea links which enable our excellent logistical firms to provide competitive postal, courier, haulage and international freight rates. We can supply to anywhere in the UK, the European Union (even after ‘Brexit’ and beyond to all continents around the world. We will also provide all customs documents as needed.