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    A to Z of Geology Coffee Mug £3.00 ex VAT

    An A to Z style coffee mug, the perfect gift for geologist or earth scientist, this standard size mug is produced by the British Geological Survey and contains 26 humerus images and phrases relating the ‘A to Z’ of geology. The perfect little gift idea for the geologist in your life.

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  • Childrens Fossil Set £11.00 ex VAT

    Small handy fossil set featuring 20 genuine fossil specimens which are within polythene bags, also supplied are data labels regarding all the fossils inside and a plastic magnifier lens, all housed within a sturdy card board box, suitable for children ages 6 and up.

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  • Dragons Egg £3.36 ex VAT

    Dragons eggs, made from rose quartz or amethyst, optional. Both minerals come from Brazil. Samples are between 2.5 cm to 4 cm in size and are supplied in a polythene bag.

  • Orthoceras (Geisonoceras) Single Slab £4.00 ex VAT

    A single Geisonoceras orthoceras specimen on matrix. The shell has been polished and so stands out. Comes with a free stand. Slab size is 15cm x 10cm.approx.

  • Orthoceras and Goniatite Stand Up Plates £20.00 ex VAT

    A small sized slab carved into a shape and polished on the front face containing numerous small fossil shells along with 2 larger fossils, one of a goniatite (snail like shell) and the other, an orthoceras shell. The plate stands 18 cm high and approx 13 cm wide and comes in a brown to black colour.

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  • Orthoceras Single (small) £1.50 ex VAT

    Geological Age: Ordovician (488 million to 443 million years ago).

    Location: Atlas Mountain Range, Morocco, North Africa.

    Orthoceras fossil shells on a limestone matrix which have been carved out and polished to highlight the orthoceras shell better. Specimens are just a few inches in size and are suitable for children.

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  • Shark Tooth Pendant £4.50 ex VAT

    A shark tooth fossil pendant measuring approximately 3 – 4 cm in length and 3 – 4 cm in width, with a thin eyelet at the top to thread a chain or string.

  • Small Quartz Spheres (5 Pack) £0.50 ex VAT

    Very pretty crystal clear quartz spheres from Brazil, each sphere is approximately 8 mm in diameter and comes supplied in packs of 5.

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