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Introducing our range of archaeology tools, carefully curated to meet the needs of professionals, enthusiasts, and students. These tools are essential for studying the Earth’s geological processes, unravelling ancient civilizations, and delving into the mysteries of our past.

We take pride in sourcing our products from reputable manufacturers who prioritize quality and reliability. Our archaeology tools are carefully selected to meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that you have the necessary equipment for your research and exploration.


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  • Archaeological Trowel £38.54 ex VAT

    High durable, lightweight archaeological trowel for the careful unearthing and extraction of remains, jewellery and items. Made from stainless steel and supplied with a leather holster it is suitable for use by both archaeologists and paleontologists.

    • ATH45 blade size: 4 1/2″ X 2 1/4″ (11,43cm X 6,35cm)
    • Ultra-durable holster has long-wearing insert that protects the blade and clothing
    • Riveted belt loop for secure and easy portability
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Ideal for archaeological and paleontology work

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  • Chartwell Notebook 2006 £20.00 ex VAT

    Produced by the highest specification using 50% rag bond paper which has high cotton linters content giving excellent tear resistance and strength when wet. 127mm x 203mm in size and contains 80 leaves. More info below.

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  • Double Ended Nylon Brush £6.00 ex VAT

    A wooden handled double ended nylon brush, ideal for cleaning out sieves after use.

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  • Estwing geo Paleo Pick Hammer EGP100 £137.21 ex VAT

    Technical Specification:

    • Model – EGP100
    • Total weight: 1.8 kg
    • Total length: 64 cm
    • Construction: Drop forge
    • Material – American steel
    • Finish: Steel, coated blue
    • Handle – steel with anti-shock vinyl grip
    • Edge – Chisel end, tapered and pointed tip
    • Made in the United States of America
  • Geotul (GeoTool) £81.61 ex VAT

    The GeoTul (also known as the GeoTool), is a hammer designed by Canadian geologist from Thunder Bay, Ron Tweedie, in 1988 in an effort to produce a tool which would be suitable for both breaking rock or mineral aggregate for samples and also scraping vegetation or removing top soil which may cover an important outcrop. Made in Canada from high quality tempered steel with a shock absorbing hickory handle with grip. The GeoTul features a flat face on one side of the head and a wide chisel edge mattock on the other which allows you to undertake the two tasks is was designed for, clearing an outcrop and breaking an outcrop. The hammer features a 1,1 kg (3 pound) head weight with a 76 cm (30 inch) long handle.

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  • Nylon and Brass Brush £12.00 ex VAT

    A double ended nylon and brass bristled brush, ideal for cleaning out sieves after use.

  • Rite In The Rain – 540F (Geological) £20.00 ex VAT

    Size – 4 3/4 in x 7 1/2 in
    Page Pattern – Geological
    Binding – Sewn
    Cover – Fabrikoid (yellow)
    Number of Pages – 160
    Weight – 0.65 lbs
    Number of Sheets – 80

    9 in stock

  • Ruper 10 x 20 mm Hand Lens £16.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 10x magnification hand lens with a generous 20 mm diameter viewing field. Manufactured in Japan, Ruper loupes are world renowned for their robust build and quality optics. In the case of this model, the magnifier is made with aplantic doublet optics and so significantly reduces spherical abrasions when observing items. These high end lenses are suitable not only for students but professionals in the acedemic and industrial sectors, especially geologists, botanists, entomologists, archaeologists, gemologists, jewelers and those with an interest in antiques. An excellent entry level professional magnifier lens.

  • Ruper 5008 Hand Lens £27.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 5008 hand lens magnifier with powerful x 20 magnification and a moderate 15 mm wide diameter field of view. An excellent loupe manufactured in Japan, which uses doublet optics with achromatic design to significantly reduce abrasion in your field of view. Renowned in various sectors and fields by their name, this magnifier is manufactured from stainless steel and is unfinished, giving it a texture which provides extra grip making it useful for those particularly working in field conditions where weather may affect your grasp. The loupe is suitable for students, professionals and academics alike, particularly those of you in the fields of geology, gemology, archaeology, antiques dealings, entomology, watchmaking and more.

  • Ruper 5024 Double Hand Lens £25.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 5024 double hand lens, a loupe which provides both x 15 and x 8 magnification with 13 mm and 25 mm diameter viewing fields respectively. A robust stainless steel body houses the doublet optics (two pieces of glass for higher quality viewing) which work together to eliminate abrasions in viewing. These magnifiers are manufactured in Japan to a high specification and are well known throughout various industries and fields of study. As this is a double lens, it offers you the option to easily switch between different strengths of magnification, depending on what is being viewed, overall, an excellent magnifier suitable for a variety of users including geologists, gemologists, jewelers, watchmakers, antique dealers, entomologists and more.

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