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  • Grain Size Card £1.55 ex VAT

    The card is printed onto translucent plastic for easy reading and comparing against grain size and texture in the field. The card includes a sorting chart, roundness scale and percentage by area images and is 149mm x 72mm, made from plastic it is completely waterproof and tear resistant.

  • Munsell Rock Chart £120.00 ex VAT

    A field guide containing various pages which are based on the munsell colour system to aid in the identification of rocks whilst working in the field.

    6 in stock

  • Munsell Soil Colour Chart £230.00 ex VAT

    Technical Specifications:
    * Featuring ISCC-NBS color names
    * Munsell alpha-numeric notation
    * Color produced on water resistant substrate Features Munsell notations for each color providing:
    * Value (degree of lightness)
    * Hue (color)
    * Chroma (degree of saturation)

    Binder Size: 15cm x 19.6cm x 2.5cm
    Page Size: 11cm x 18.5cm
    Weight:1 kg

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