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  • Nylon and Brass Brush £12.00 ex VAT

    A double ended nylon and brass bristled brush, ideal for cleaning out sieves after use.

  • GEO Premier Triplet Hand Lens (10x 20.5mm) £13.95 ex VAT

    Technical Specification:
    • Eyepiece: glass lenses
    • Layer: triplet (3 separate pieces of glass)
    • Magnification: x 10
    • Diameter (viewable area) 20.5 mm
    • Body: Stainless steel with matt black finish
    • Lens housing: Stainless steel with matt black finish

    Genuine triplet hand lens with 3 layers of optical glass, boasting x 10 magnification and a wide 20.5 mm diameter viewing area, the GEO Premier hand lens is suitable for an array of professional fields including geology, botany, entomology, geography and more.

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