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NOTE: Brunton Compasses currently have a waiting time of 1 month or longer. Please contact us if you require instruments quicker and we will be happy to advise alternative brands.
Brunton, a name known the world over, renowned for high quality, robust usage and precision accuracy. Founded in 1895 by David W. Brunton, a Canadian-born geologist and mining engineer, and William Ainsworth, a watch repairman, the firm is most famous for its earliest product, the Brunton Pocket Transit, a compass and measuring tool used by geologists, foresters, surveyors, and archaeologists. Often simply called a “Brunton” due to the impact it has had on the industry, the Pocket Transit was first patented in 1894 by David Brunton, who commissioned William Ainsworth & Sons to manufacture his invention in Denver, Colorado.The company later incorporated as William Ainsworth Inc. and for many years produced the Pocket Transit along with surveying transits, theodolites, and other instruments. Later, the company changed hands many times and at one point was even owned by rival company Silva. Now re-branded as Brunton Inc, with manufacturing once again being pulled back to the USA. Brunton is well renowned for producing some of the most high quality compass clinometers, navigation and surveying instruments in the world.

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