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Hand Lenses

Hand lenses are an ideal piece of equipment for earth science sectors, also known as jewellery loupes, they offer users the ability to view objects, samples and fauna on a magnified scale with the ease and freedom of your hand. A hand lens comprises of 2 main parts, the optics (the glass lens which provides the magnification you require) and the body, which houses the glass. The majority of our loupes are housed in a metal body, bar the plastic ones for children, and offer a range of magnification from x 10 to x 20. They are suitable for use in a range of sectors such as earth sciences, geology, geography, analysis of sediments, botany, gemology, jewellery making, entomology and more. With such a range to chose from, we are sure we can supply to what ever your skill level, child, student, teacher, professional and amateur.

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