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Introducing our premium line of Core Saws and Blades, designed to meet the demands of geological core sampling and cutting applications. Our Core Saws and Blades are meticulously crafted to provide precise and efficient cutting of rock cores, enabling accurate analysis and examination.

Choose our Core Saws and Blades to achieve precise, efficient, and clean cuts in your core sampling and cutting operations. Contact us today to explore our range of Core Saws and Blades, discuss compatibility options, and experience the difference our products can make in your geological sample preparation and analysis.

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  • Corewise Core Saw

    Industrial, purpose built circular saw for core cutting, the Corewise core saw is manufactured in Australia to the highest industry standards, utilises a 10 hp electric motor with heavy torque and a belt drive which is more efficient than a o-ring chain. The machine is housed within galvanised steel cladding and can cut through the most common core sizes, B, H, N and P sizes).

    Please request a quotation via email for prices.

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  • NTT Coresaw

    The NTT Coresaw stands as a patented, industrial-grade machine designed for precision cutting of bore hole samples. The NTT Coresaw stands out as the fastest core cutting machine on the market, offering a range of cost-effective benefits.

    It operates with efficiency, requiring only a single operator for its swift and automated cutting process. Engineered with user comfort in mind, it boasts an ergonomic design featuring distinctive yellow preload rollers and eliminates the need to lift samples. Moreover, it ensures operator safety with a protective casing for the blade and emits minimal water, dust, and noise. It diligently saves all cutting data and even adjusts cutting speed according to the hardness of the core sample. Additionally, it provides comprehensive project data management and reporting capabilities.

    The NTT Coresaw features three different variations that each specialise in a specific role. For pricing or more information, reach out via email at Alternatively, you can click HERE to read more about the NTT Coresaw on their official website.

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  • SIMA General Purpose Diamond Blades £66.20£138.40 ex VAT

    Affordable diamond blades, designed for a variety of uses and available in multiple different diameters. These blades are compatible for both dry and wet cutting and have a thickness of 2.8mm. They are capable of cutting through brick and concrete, making them ideal for construction sites, but they also capable of cutting granite, enabling use for geologists on hard rock. In addition, these blades can be used in conjunction with the VENUS Slab Saw which can be found HERE. The slab saw is compatible with blades of either 300 or 350mm diameter. Please note that there may be a few days lead time for this product.

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  • VENUS Bridge/Slab Saw 14″ – 1250mm £2,341.00 ex VAT

    The Venus Bridge Masonry Saw, featuring a 1250mm cutting capacity. Crafted with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame, it incorporates state-of-the-art ball bearing technology to ensure the utmost precision in every cut.

    The Venus Bridge Masonry Saw is engineered to swiftly and accurately cut and miter a wide range of construction materials, particularly those with larger-than-average dimensions. Its efficiency guarantees a clean outcome. Perfectly suited for both construction sites and masonry workshops, this saw excels in cutting materials like marble, granite, and more.

    Its exclusive designed cast aluminium sliding cart features 8 adjustable sealed bearings that guarantee the most precise cutting on the market. This saw is designed to equip blades with either a 300 or 350mm diameter and has a maximum cutting diameter of 100mm.

    This saw is available in three different varieties: 110V Singlephase, 230V Singlephase and 415V Threephase. If you are interested in this product or wish to know further details, then please contact us via email at or call us at 01204 388754.

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