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Introducing our premium line of Sieve Shakers, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable particle size analysis in the geology, mining, and research industries. Our Sieve Shakers are designed to simplify the sieving process, save valuable time, and deliver accurate results.

Choose our Sieve Shakers to streamline your particle size analysis, enhance productivity, and achieve accurate results with ease. Contact us today to explore our Sieve Shaker options, discuss customization possibilities, and experience the difference our Sieve Shakers can make in your sieving process.

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  • Sieve Shaker – GEM 200 Digital £1,466.00 ex VAT

    A large, lab based sieve shaker ideal for use on only 200mm diameter sieves. The shaker includes a control panel, with an installed digital timer, allowing users to set the desired sieving time between 0 sec and 99 mins 59 secs. Will take up to 8 x 200mm dia sieves, has a screw down support at the top to keep the sieves in place while shaking and a large, robust body. For more information, please see below.

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