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  • Argyll and the Islands: A Landscape Fashioned By Geology £7.96 ex VAT

    A highly informative field guide produced by the British Geological Survey (BGS) a must have for any one who visits Scotland.

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  • East Lothian And The Borders Scottish Landscape Guide £3.00 ex VAT

    Uncover the secrets of the landscape of East Lothian and the Scottish borders with a landscape fashioned by geology.

    The latest booklet in the popular series explores the long histroy of South East Scotland’s hills and plains from North Berwick law to the Cheviot hills.

    * Written for you by the experts

    * Clear explanations and simple diagrams

    * Beatifully photogrpahed

    * Information on where to visit


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  • Edinburgh and West Lothian Scottish Landscape Guide £4.96 ex VAT

    The tranquil appearence of the city of Edinburgh nestling between the surrounding hills and the undulating countryside of West Lothian belies their dramatic volcanic past. The Lothian landscape took over 400 million years to reach its present shape. This book tells the story of its journey from erupting volcanoes, through rivers, seas and ice caps, to the peaceful parks, restored quarries and level playing fields we see today.

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  • Fife and Tayside Scottish Landscape Guide £3.95 ex VAT

    The dramatic coastline and volcanic hills of Fife and Tayside are testament to a dramatic geological past. The story that has been descerned from the rocks tells of violent volcanic eruptions and a time when Scotland sat astride the equator. This booklet provides an illustrated guide to Scotland’s journey through these turbulent times.

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  • Geology in south-west Scotland Scottish Landscape Guide £10.00 ex VAT

    A well infored geological excursion guide to the South west of Scotland, published by the BGS.

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  • Glasgow and Ayrshire Scottish Landscape Guide £4.96 ex VAT

    This book tells the geological story of a landscape that was at the heart of Scotlands industrial revolution, a story that has been several hundred million years in the making. The patchwork of rocks forming the landscape of the Glasgow and Ayshire area tells us about the dissapearence of and ancient ocean and times when sandy deserts, shallow trolpical seas, vast coal swamps and lava from volcanic eruptions covered the evolving landscape. Worn and moulded by ice sheets, the modern landscape continues to change though river and coastal erosion and human activity.

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  • Glen Roy Scottish Landscape Guide £4.96 ex VAT

    The parallel roads of Glen Roy are one of Scotlands natural wonders. The origin of these remarkable shorelines on the hillsides of Glen Roy, Glen Gloy and Glen Spean has been a source of great fascination to local people, visitors and scientists alike – even attracting the interest of Charles Darwin. This book tells the story of how the parallel roads formed and reveals a fascinating picture of how ice age glaciers and ice dammed lakes shaped of the west highlands.

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  • Isle Of Man Scottish Landscape Guide £5.00 ex VAT

    Isle of Man, an emerging center for private space commerce, the birthplace of Olympic cyclist Mark Cavendish, home to the world famous Isle of Man TT Motorcycle race. However, this island would not be what it is without millions of years of fashioning of geology as detailed in this spectacular book.

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  • Loch Lomond To Stirling Scottish Landscape Guide £2.00 ex VAT

    A geological landscape guide to the area of Loch Lomond to Stirling including photos and illustrations along with detailed descriptions, published by the BGS (British Geolgical Survey)

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  • Northwest Highlands Scottish Landscape Guide £6.95 ex VAT

    Providing an acient bulwark to Atlantic storms, the stunning scenery we see today in Northwest Highland was created by the dramatic collision of continents. This book tells a dramatic tale of

    Scotland’s journey through time – our links to Canada, Greenland and Scandnavia and the exploits of the early geological explorers. In explaining our rocky past, it also shows why this region is so important to geologists today.

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  • Rum and the Small Isles Scottish Landscape Guide £5.95 ex VAT

    The rugged, wild, mountainous landscape of Rum owes its creation to a geological history that stretches back nearly 3000 million years. For such a small island the range of scenery is remarkable – from the jagged peaks of Askival and Hallival in the east, to the rounded hills of Orval and Ard Nev in the west and the flatlands of Kinloch Glen. The spectacular panorama from Rum encompasses the sloping back bone of Eigg, the rich green pasture of diminutive Muck and the caved basalt coastline embracing Canna and the low lying Sanday. Held together by the sea, these islands combine a richness of landform, colour and texture with the ever changing light and dramatic weather. Find out how this mecca for geologists was formed over millions of years in this riveting tale and ocean, volcanoes and glaciers.

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  • Scotland: The Creation Of It’s Natural Landscape £7.50 ex VAT

    For it’s size, Scotland has the most varied geology and natural landscapes of any country on the planet. The creation of it’s natural landcape is a fascinating story, told with authority and clarity by Alan Mckirdy andRoger Crofts.

    Scotland: The Creation Of It’s Natural Landscape provides a wealth of information on how Scotland was created and the events which took place there through the aeons. But the story doesn’t stop back in the mists of time: it continually unfolds and the book provides up to the minute information on the geological events taking place beneath our feet. It also provides a history of geological science and highland the enormous contribution Scots geologists have given to the world.

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  • Skye Scottish Landscapes Guide £3.95 ex VAT

    The Cuillin of Skye is acclaimed world wide for it’s stark beauty. The arc of jagged peaks rises steeply from the sea and dominates the skyline for miles around. But the Cuillin represents only a fraction of the varied landscape of the island. Their rugged slopes contrast markedly with the rolling, grassy hills to the north and the ancient, acid soils to the south. Skye has something for everyone and so too does this illustrated booklet which helps you discover the mysteries of this unique landscape.

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