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  • Aluminium Write On Sample Tags – 50 £5.75 ex VAT

    Aluminium write on sample tags which measure 77 x 23 mm in size, made using a card core with a layer of thick aluminium around it, the tag can be written and embossed on to preserve notes and data. The tags are waterproof, rust proof, insect proof and more. Ideal for use on drilling, surveying and project sites.

  • China Graph Pencils £7.20 ex VAT

    China graph marker pencils made from hardened parafin wax for marking on a variety of surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramic and more available in a range of colours.

  • Core Chocks – White £0.40 ex VAT

    White plastic core chocks, some times known as core block. Made from a strong yet flexible plastic to absorb shock and weight while remaining intact, these chocks have an unique shape, which allow them to slide both under and over a core which not only reduces the space they take up, but also leaves plenty of space available for notations.

  • Core Tray End Labels – 100 £20.00 ex VAT

    Tyvek core tray end labels with pre printed text. Ideal to be attached to the end of core trays to allow geologists and surveyors to make note on the core trays contents. Sold in lots of 100 labels.

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  • Deadblow Hammer – 1 lb £23.00 ex VAT

    An anti-static styrene-butadiene rubber coated deadblow hammer with a 1 lb (500g) weight, the hammer is constructed out of a single piece of metal and contains steel shot in the head which reduces bounce back and increases the force of each strike. These hammers are ideal for putting together UCP core tray with out damage or injury.


    • Head weight: 1 lb 20 oz (500 grams)
    • Head hardness: Shore A80-90
    • Handle: Anti vbration
    • Dimensions: 286 x 92 x 38 mm (L x W x H)

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  • Ezy-Logger™ Goniometer

    Ezy-Logger™ goniometers are small, light weight, robust pieces of equipment use on drilling sites to obtain measurements and orientation from core samples.Clear and cylindrical, the goniometer used Alpha and Beta angles and lineations to assist users, printed with easily read colours, the Ezy-Logger significantly reduces time spent onsite obtaining core readings from traditional methods. Available in all four wireline core sizes, B, N, H and P.

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